Our Products

Jobsoid ATS

Jobsoid is an Applicant Tracking System which streamlines and automates the recruitment process. Jobsoid is a simple solution which lets you easily find, engage and hire great talent, all without having to login to different systems, including your email inbox.

Jobsoid CRM

Jobsoid CRM is a customer relationship management solution built especially for recruiters and recruiting agencies. It helps them engage with their customers and share candidate profiles all while collaborating with their team. 

Jobsoid Engage

Jobsoid Engage is a campaign marketing tool which helps in engaging your existing talent pool as well as passive candidates.

Jobsoid Video

Jobsoid Video offers an on-demand video interviewing solution that allows the recruiting team to screen candidates on a video. The candidates answer their interviews on their mobile phones and upload their responses. The interviewing team can evaluate the responses at their convenient time.